Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Every Day is Random Thursday

Even Tuesday. Especially Tuesday.

I'm feeling pretty restless these days. Like I've wasted too much time, I've let too much pass me by, I haven't appreciated life the way I should have for too long and now my body and mind are trying to compensate for it. So now I can't seem to sit still for very long. Even when I'm being productive, like writing or drawing, I'm constantly fidgeting and need to regularly get up and move. I don't know if I've always been like this, but it feels more pronounced these days.

(One benefit of this is that the chin-up bar I bought a few months ago is turning out to be a terrific investment. I don't know if it shows yet, but I think it's making a difference.)

I got my stitches out on Sunday afternoon, so Operation: Terrible Beard is now officially at an end. That night I had a date with an electric trimmer, and went from this...

...to this:

Much better, I think? Maybe? I won't lie, I was actually starting to like it a bit toward the end there, but I don't think the look works for me.

Zip-lining seems to be cancelled, unfortunately. On Saturday afternoon, I drove with my pal Luke out to the canyon where they do it. We arrived just after 5:00, only to discover that they stop doing the zip line an hour before they actually close (which is 6:00). This is a fact they neither advertise nor share on their website. I called earlier at 1:30 to confirm, but they didn't pick up the phone and didn't bother to return my message in the 3 1/2 hours in between. When we arrived, the woman working there just gave me a blank stare with zero sympathy or apology. So I was pretty frustrated.

I called back the next day to try to talk to someone else about it (and to see if they'd cut me a deal, considering the time and gas money wasted to get out there), but again nobody picked up the phone, and two days later, nobody's bothered to return my second message. It's truly awful customer service, and that kind of thing bothers me a lot. I really want to go zip-lining, but now I don't want to give this business any of my money - and they're the only game in town, so I may have to put this plan on the back-burner until I find another opportunity elsewhere.

(My mind's already running in different directions, though. If zip-lining is off the table for now, I'm starting to think about skydiving instead.)

Since we had driven out there, though, we decided to make the most of a bad situation and check out Ouimet Canyon instead. Which was sort of funny, as Luke isn't too fond of heights and I absolutely love them. I think that comes across pretty well in these pictures:

Luke - Ouimet Canyon Self - Ouimet Canyon

(I wear that shirt a lot, don't I?)

I didn't get a new comic done for Monday, but for my update I instead went through my backup hard drive and found the original character sketches I drew for "Hereafter" back in 2005. Take a look:

Always interesting to look back at stuff like this. I've definitely improved a bit since then.

I've posted a number of pictures of Logan lately, so here are a few of Maya:

Maya - Waiting

Maya - Grass

She is also the best.

Not much else to say at the moment, so I leave you with a song introduced to me by my good friend Mike:

I should hit him up for new music more often. I don't think he's ever steered me wrong.

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  1. "Luke isn't too fond of heights and I absolutely love them"

    Which is silly, because I was willing (excited, even) to zip-line yet wouldn't even come close to approach the railing at Ouimet Canyon. I suppose I feel more secure when I'm strapped into something. :P