Friday, June 18, 2010


Sometimes you just disappear for months on end. It happens!

My focus has been pretty firmly on work lately, and some degree of financial stability is what I have to show for it. Creative energies have been charging, but haven't been used. I've been on hiatus. I'm a dull razor. But I'm in a pretty comfortable place right now, so let's see if that changes.

Big plans afoot. I'm visiting Toronto again in July, followed directly by my first-ever visit to New York. It's been my number one travel dream for as long as I can remember - and when one spends a great deal of their childhood absorbing as much Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters as possible, I doubt that's surprising. I have friends in Tokyo and Paris right now, other friends who've just visited Italy and Scotland, and lived in Cannes, but three days in New York trumps all of that for me. (Okay, except maybe Tokyo.)

Financial security (at the moment, anyhow) also allows me to make a few luxury purchases. The next one will be joining the 21st century and buying an HDTV. My girlfriend seems to be down with the idea, and she's far more level-headed than me when it comes to entertainment purchases, so I'm going for it. However, window-shopping has been... well, let's just say "frustrating but educational." I'm currently debating the pros and cons of LCD vs. Plasma (and if anyone has advice there, I'd appreciate it).

And that's where I'm at right now. Pretty much zero-level on the excitement and intrigue for now, but uh, I'll keep you posted?