Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Community's Freaks and Geeks

For those who watch Community (and those who don't, get the hell on that already):

That's Childish Gambino's "Freaks and Geeks" mashed up with clips from Community - Gambino being Donald Glover from the show. And man, there is an impressive amount of really specific, literal stuff cut in there. Well-done.

(Via @danharmon)

Here's an acoustic version of the song, with Ludwig Goransson (the composer from Community) on guitar.


  1. wow, you are really on a blogging streak!
    i watched this and saw a few clips i did not recognize, i suppose i should rewatch those seasons before the new one :)

  2. Re: blogging streak

    I kind of am, I guess! I just suddenly felt compelled to update. I felt like I was holding back for quite a while in a lot of ways, and now I'm swinging the opposite direction, wanting to do and say things I'd maybe "sit on" or put off before. Part of that, for now, means updating the blog more often - but we'll see where this attitude shift takes me in the future.