Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Morning, Internet

This is what 9:34 AM looks like:

But never mind the narcissism! I'm planning my weekend and trying to fit everything in - some social plans I've made, on top of getting Monday's comic done, potentially zip-lining if the stars align, and hopefully writing some actual content for the blog. Right now, I'm waiting for Logan to stop being lazy so I can take him for a walk and then go to breakfast. Kind of a charmed life, I'm not gonna lie.

(Random Thought: I think one of the funnier parts about having a dog is that you're pretty much constantly finding dog treats in clothes pockets. Last night, I fell asleep with two peanut butter-flavoured treats in my pyjama-pants pockets. But I wonder if this happens to everyone, or maybe it's just me?)

So what are your plans for the weekend?

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