Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween. (Again.)

Halloween has come again, my friends. Only a handful of hours left, so you grab hold and enjoy them while you can. (I take Halloween very seriously, it's a whole thing.)

Had a good time again this year! Which is The Plan, it's always The Plan, but you have to appreciate it when it goes off without a hitch.

My costume this year.

...which was actually part of a couples' costume with my Special Lady.

For those not in The Know, we went as recently-departed Doctor Who companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, as pictured here.

Basically, whoever got the reference totally loved it, and they still worked as separate costumes for those who didn't. Not a bad plan.

(Though I did have some drunk bros yelling "SPARTA" at me, I managed to stop myself from correcting them.)

Even Logan had a costume!

...which stayed on him for about 64 seconds before it was clear he wasn't having it, but at least we got a picture. My little devil.

Got up this morning intending to get all Romaned up for work, but that extra 15 minutes of sleep was entirely too tempting, so I managed to slap together a simpler costume: Business Casual Luigi.

It went over pretty well.

And that's basically a wrap on one more installment of The Best Holiday Ever, You Guys, Seriously. I bought too much candy for tonight, so I'm gonna be generous. The theme for the night is "Contributing to the Child Obesity Epidemic".

Have a damn good Halloween, my friends.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Almost Here.

It's almost here.

It's almost here!

I mean, okay, I say it every year. But seriously... Halloween is the best.