Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ask/Tell Me Anything

I've just joined up with Formspring, an "ask/tell" feature that lets people ask each other questions anonymously. I try to be a very open, honest guy in general, so I figured it'd be a cool little experiment.

My profile is here, and I've added a widget to the sidebar of the blog as well. Consider this an open invitation - feel free to ask me any question, and I'll answer it (though I maintain the right to sidestep anything jerky).

On that note, I've opened up anonymous comments on the blog. Consider this post a free space to tell me anything, anonymously if you like. Hit me up with some honesty!


  1. I don't think my questions/ comments would be appropriate.
    Good idea though. It'll be interesting to see what people will ask you.

  2. Haha, really? I'm not sure what qualifies as "appropriate" anyway. ;)
    Unfortunately, nobody's really taken the bait so far...