Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent Purchases

I'll write more later, but for now here's a photo update of some of the things I've bought recently. (Don't know how interesting this'll be for anyone who's not me, but whatever!)

First, the nerdy/awesome stuff:


From over the past three months or so - Talking Bender, Mega Man model kit, and a Scott Pilgrim figure. Totally awesome. I try not to buy too much stuff like this these days, but I couldn't resist. I've got some older stuff in a box that I think I'll sell off soon. Seems like a solid plan: every time I buy something fun-but-unnecessary, try to sell an old one I don't really want anymore.

Today's big impulse buy:

Bar Stools

Red bar stools! I've wanted something like this for ages, and since I've been without a legitimate dinner table setup for a while, I grabbed these when I saw they were on sale. Pretty awesome - goes with my whole "red furniture/appliances/etc in the kitchen" deal. (Though now I'll probably have to replace those blue curtains.) No table yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open for something that matches.

Today's cheap deal:

Pepper Bat

Baseball bat pepper mill! Five bucks. Couldn't say no to that.

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