Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's here! It's here.

(Rather, it's been here for a week and a half and I've been too busy/distracted to update...)

I don't buy into any of these 2012 "end of days" theories because I'm not superstitious and require a little evidence to believe pretty much anything. But my next birthday will fall on 12/12/12, so if the world does end (it won't) and it turns out I'm the Double Antichrist or something... well, sorry about that.

For 2012, I'm predicting a year like any other, except I hope that people smarten up and try to destroy our society and planet a little less than usual. (And also that Community gets renewed for a fourth season.)

My resolution for this year is to stay the course. More specifically, keep working on the comic, step up my game and invest in my future, and basically be as awesome as possible. Also, I plan to continue working on myself, particularly becoming better at dealing with stress and frustration (I'm much better than I was a few years ago, and hope to keep moving in that direction) and just make a point to live in the moment a bit more and enjoy life as much as possible.

As for last year's resolutions? I think I did all right. Aside from a few hiccups and a little hiatus, I kept the Hereafter updates coming on a decent schedule for the most part. I mostly kept a positive attitude during some trying times, which in retrospect was a pretty damn good test of my mindset. I feel like a much more well-rounded person now than I was a year ago, more connected and self-assured, more motivated and productive. I'm not all the way there yet, but I've made some strides, I think. I just have to keep moving in that direction.

My good friend Mel posted her theme for 2012 the other day, so once again I'm stealing her idea. This is mine:

Have a great year, everybody! I'll try to update again before 2013.