Monday, September 19, 2011

Operation: Step Up My Game

Okay! Doing the "random topics" thing again. Let's roll.

First off, I just posted a new "Welcome to Hereafter" comic today, so check that out if you want to maybe!?

Next up, here's a quick/rough sketch from a few months back of the two then-Batmen (Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson):

(Not my finest work or anything, not by a long shot, but I think it captured their different personalities fairly well.)

As part of what I'm calling Operation: Step Up My Game, I recently bought a new suit. I haven't owned one that actually fit me for years, as apparently I lost a decent amount of weight in that time. I had a wedding to attend this weekend, so I went out shopping with my girlfriend and happened to luck out and find a pretty ridiculously good deal on a gray suit. I've wanted one for ages, and now I have one. So check me out, Mister Fancypants right here:

(I seriously wish I had more reasons to dress up in my regular life.)

Buying a suit can be a bit tricky for me. In fact, buying any clothes can be a bit tricky for me, but suits especially. My body type is a bit lanky, I suppose. I'm moderately tall and pretty thin - which is not something I'm complaining about. However, the issue I have is that many/most shirts and jackets either fit me well in the shoulders/chest but tend to swim on me in the mid-section, or fit well in the body but tend to be a bit tight up top. If I can find something in a slim fit (like the suit above) I tend to be okay. But something that fits "perfectly" is pretty rare. For example: the suit fits and looks great overall, but the sleeves are a bit shorter than they should be. But unless I want to break the bank on something custom, it's just something I have to deal with.

Stepping Up My Game also includes the following - Get serious about advertising/promoting "Welcome to Hereafter" (I've already started this, and am considering the next phase now), Buy a new table/chair set for the kitchen (check - I got a couple of cool red hydraulic barstools a little while ago, and now have a hydraulic table on order), Buy new/better kitchen stuff (I picked up new cutlery, place settings and napkins this week, for starters), Live better (IE, keeping a positive attitude, making a point to enjoy my life, and keeping on an exercise schedule - overall I'm doing well so far, but it's in progress).

"Buy a car" is somewhere on the list too, but I think the smarter thing to do right now is hold off until it becomes a necessity. I can easily walk to and from work and have been getting by just fine without a car for some time now. No reason to change this just yet.

Oh and hey! Community, the best damn comedy on television, returns this Thursday. Here is how I feel about that:

Thursday at 8:00 on NBC. Watch it or we can't be friends. (Okay, maybe we can, but I'll be mad at you.)


  1. Bruce and Dick look good. By the way, I notice the lines are getting more fluid in your characters. I don't know if this is a conscious thing or not, but I like it.

    As for you, that suit looks great. Trim around the torso, perfect sleeve length on the jacket, and a nice colour to boot. Stylin'.

  2. Thank you, my friend! Bruce definitely came out too skinny, but hey, it was a very quick sketch. ;)

    I do dig the suit. I almost went black, but I think lighter colours are better on me. (You don't think the sleeves are too short?)

  3. Not necessarily; even if Bruce is considered thicker built than Dick, he's still supposed to be an unmodified human being, and he wouldn't have a super soldier physique or a chin that can cut diamonds.