Friday, September 30, 2011

Checkup + Photos

I seem to be pulling out of this state of sickness at last. Over the day I've been feeling progressively better, so with luck I'll be in the clear by the weekend's... end. The last few days have been largely made up of taking care of Logan and slipping in and out of consciousness, but mid-afternoon today I started feeling alert again, with a little legitimate energy even, so I've been catching up on neglected housework and plugging away at a project for work.

I've been pretty cooped up this week, so I don't have much exciting to write about. Instead here are a few pictures. Hey why not.

Logan - The Sweet Life

Logan, being the most spoiled dog on the planet. Beyond adorable though, you have to admit.

Body of Work

Going through filed-away comics on the floor of my studio. I've done 67 as of this week.


Self shot. Because narcissism.

All for now. Sometime soon I'm gonna write a bit about the comic series I'm digging these days. Sound good? (Come on, you know it does.)

And hey, for the sake of padding this out a bit more, here's a good song:


  1. glad to hear you're feeling better!
    i woke up w a scratchy throat this morning. am going to go full force with oranges & ginger & water today.

  2. Hopefully that's not my fault - I felt totally fine on Monday and woke up extremely sick on Tuesday. :\

    Best of luck fighting it!