Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brysketch: Spider-Men + Pleasant Surprises

Like a lot of 20-something guys, Spider-Man is one of my all-time favourite fictional characters. Along with the Ninja Turtles and Nintendo, Spidey is probably the character/series I'm the biggest fan of. So naturally he's the subject of a lot of my sketching.

More importantly, he's also the subject of a couple little drawings I was pleasantly surprised to have had touched up by others!

First off, there's a really quick Spider-Man sketch I did a few years back:

And here's the same sketch, inked by my friend Chris Grissom, who made it much nicer:

More recently, I posted a Scarlet Spider drawing online that I had drawn about three years back:

Just a few weeks ago, a colorist on DeviantArt found it and coloured it, like so:

Definitely nice to find stuff like this in your inbox.

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  1. haha "sketch, Bry, sketch." Nice. I was actually working on a Spidey drawing of my own, but yours looks nice and actiontastic. Nice ink job, too.