Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brysketch: Odds & Ends

I was going through an old sketchbook I haven't looked at in a while, and figured I'd post a few things from several years back.

First up, an unfinished little sketch of Mirage Comics' Fugitoid:

Here's an odd one from probably five or six years ago... I figure I started drawing a few characters with a fine-tipped marker, starting with Cyclops, then filled in the empty spaces and turned it into a "poster" of sorts. Why I'd cover half of Wolverine's face, I don't know. Not executed very well, but I doubt I ever intended to show it off... and now I'm posting it online.

Some random "Ninja Accountant" sketches, likely done when I was in film school, so... six years ago, probably.

And finally, a few "punk girl" characters of mine from about four years ago.

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  1. Love the leaping ninja. Also, Fugitoid looks awesome!