Monday, October 31, 2011


Another Halloween's come to a close, and for me that's always bittersweet. Had an all right turnout of kids - not quite as many as I hoped for, but that just meant I got pretty generous with the candy toward the end. I'm not in a rush to take down the decorations, though. Christmas gets all the good press anyway, let's roll with the macabre a little longer.

My good friend/kickin' rad photographer Melanie Godecki posted a look back at previous years' Halloween costumes, and now I'm shamelessly stealing that idea. (Only I mostly just dress up as comic characters while she comes up with far more interesting, creative and all-around impressive costumes, so definitely check her blog out. And hey look, she's just posted this year's costumes as well - they're 100% fantastic.)

This year's costume was Scott Pilgrim. Not too many people got it (or they didn't say anything if they did), but I'm more than happy to rep for the indie darling graphic novel series/most under-appreciated movie of 2010.

Here with my Special Lady, who went as burlesque performer Tempest Storm.

To hand out candy, I decided to go with my old reliable: the Batman costume I've pulled out many times since I got it in 2005. Figured the kids would recognize that more than Scott Pilgrim, and any excuse to dress up as Batman is a good one, come on.

If only I thought to make Logan a matching cape and mask, he could have been Ace the Bat-Hound!

And a few from previous years - Casey Jones (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and some obscure comic character you've probably never heard of:

Joker there was probably my finest hour for Halloween costumes, considering how incredibly last-minute most of it came together. I definitely learned from that.

I'm already mulling over costume ideas for next year. Ambitious ones. Actually planning ahead may be necessary.


  1. Oh wow I had almost forgotten how awesome the Joker cotume was, and all of that suit-dying business! Thanks for the shout out too :)

  2. That suit was an *ordeal*. A curse on the man who created polyester. (And to be fair, a curse on me for not researching more about dying clothes before buying it.)

    Spray-on fabric paint was life-saving. I was just lucky that the kinda-splotchy, uneven, looks-like-it-was-dyed-by-a-crazy-person paint job actually worked in the costume's favour. ;)