Monday, November 14, 2011

Spicy Business

I'm the first to admit that cooking isn't one of my specialties. Well, aside from traditional breakfast (egg dishes with sides), those I'm pretty good at. Otherwise I've made a few decent meals in my day, and I get by fine on my own, but I'm a damn far cry from a chef in training.

Recently my Special Lady had the idea to dive into the cook books (she has a number of clean eating books and I have a great-but-barely-used vegetarian recipe book) and have a regular cooking "date night" once a week. Which is just a really great idea. I've been on the self-improvement/try-new-things bandwagon for a while now, and knowing how to cook well is kind of important, so yeah, I'm all in.

(So I didn't get to go zip-lining over the summer, but it turns out novice cooking is far more terrifying.)

We've made vegetarian lasagna rolls a few times already (and they turned out great) but I didn't think to document the process until last night, when we made vegetable curry and rice.

First up, I finally put my cool little red rice cooker back to use after letting it sit idle for some time. Worked brilliantly! Very handy.

First up, the sauce mixture. Coconut milk, curry paste -- Maybe we can try homemade next time? For now I'm walking before I run. -- and oil.

(And of course, the most important ingredient is a full glass of wine on the side.)

We added vegetables bit by bit - bamboo shoots and baby corn for starters.

Muchrooms and spinach were next. And during this process I learned the most important lesson - don't ever underestimate how much pot space you'll need. We had to upgrade to a bigger pot a few times as we added more vegetables to the mix (as you can see from the medium pot sitting in the background) which slowed down the process a bit.

And there you have it! A little naan bread on the side (and a wine refill) and we're ready to go.

Turned out well, I think! A little curry paste goes a long way, apparently - she found it to be quite spicy. I found it pretty mild, but I think that's something I inherited from my dad.

I'll probably keep documenting these for a while, so expect another post like this in a week!

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