Sunday, October 16, 2011

Change + Remix

Change is interesting. Every now and then, at total random, something will spark a memory or a forgotten feeling and I'll be struck by how different, and how much better, I feel now. In a weird way, I know so much more about myself since I've accepted how little I really know for sure. The benefits are a much more open mind, as well as a much more solid sense of self. You can have incredibly firm opinions, ideas, and plans, but knowing that change is inevitable, that all you accept, expect and maybe take for granted can evaporate? It has a hell of a way of jolting you awake.

And in a way, it's oddly freeing too - I can honestly say I don't care what anyone else thinks of me anymore, and that used to be a huge issue for me. That alone has helped put me on a much better path, I'm finding. What I want and need to be happy has become far clearer than it used to be, and I feel like I'm a much stronger, better person for it. Neat.

Moving on.

Once upon a time, my opinion on remixes pretty much lined up with this old Diesel Sweeties comic:

I guess this is another thing that's changed. The Glitch Mob remixed "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes a while back (they released it just after the band broke up) and I really dig it. Like really really.

I totally missed it before I came across it in some cool fan edits online. YouTube user KatrinDepp made this one of my recent nerdy obsession, Doctor Who:

And if it's more your speed, here's a Harry Potter version by Grable424:

Ending with some random camera pictures, first of my relatively-new kitchen table setup (hydraulic everything), and a few more of me and my best buddy in this or any other universe, Logan:

Enjoy your remaining awesome weekend hours, Internet Friends! As always, there'll be more to come.


  1. whelp it turns out I like dubstep remixes.

  2. Waiting for them to email me the download. Looking forward to it. I've never really had a problem with remixes, mostly because I love dancing so much that anything that adds extra beats is fabulous.