Monday, November 28, 2011

Mushroom/Potato Frittata + Mushroom Melt

I've been sitting on this update for over a week now. I had the pictures ready, but I've had a lot going on lately, and sitting down to finish up the post itself never got to the top of my priority list until... well, right now.

So yeah, here we go! This is another cooking update, sort of a followup to the curry and rice post from a few weeks back. This time my Special Lady and I made a potato/shiitake mushroom frittata with portobello/broccoli melts.

Started off with chopping. Lots of chopping. Turns out I'm not half bad at it, crippling fear of cutting up my hands notwithstanding. (Though that happens enough accidentally already.)

All said, I chopped up five or six potatoes, several shiitake mushrooms, as well as spinach, parsley and basil for later.

We toss that in a big frying pan with some oil and garlic.

Next up was my least-favourite part of the process - whipping up egg whites into a froth. This took longer by hand than I expected. Would have been nice to have an electric mixer, but you know what they say about the result being more satisfying when you do it the hard way...?

That's right, it's a load of nonsense. Give me an electric mixer any day.

Meanwhile, she mixed up two full eggs with whole wheat flour, milk, baking power, sea salt and pepper.

When we were both finished each mixture, we added some spinach, parsley and basil, then I folded the egg whites into the whole eggs.

(And right now I'll admit that I had to Google-research how to fold properly beforehand, but somehow I... pulled it off!?)

The recipe called for a oven-proof skillet. But... I don't have one, so we used a casserole dish instead. (This caused a small hiccup later on.)

We evenly poured the egg mixture overtop of the potato/mushroom combo, and then covered it and let it bake in the oven.

While the frittata was baking, we started making the mushroom melts. More chopping, this time broccoli, and afterward slicing portobello mushrooms into strips.

We fried them for a while with oil and pesto.

Once the portobello and broccoli were done, we put together the sandwiches with mozzarella and put them in the oven.

Once we thought we were done, we took both out of the oven served them all up. However, this is where that little hiccup came up.

If you're at all familiar with frittatas (which apparently I was not), you'll instantly see what's wrong with them in the above picture. Frittatas are supposed to hold together, but ours didn't. I think this is because the recipe we were following called for an ovenproof skillet, and we used a larger casserole dish, so the baking time didn't get the job done. Thankfully, letting it bake a while longer solved this issue for us, but it was a decent learning experience.

Final verdict? Freaking delicious.

Hopefully there'll be another installment before too long.


  1. Looks yummy!
    I think the idea of the oven-proof skillet is so that you pour your eggs into the hot frying pan and they start coooking/solidifying around the potatoes,etc. Then when you put them in the oven it just continues cooking like a giant omelet.
    That said, I have cooked a frittata with only a frying pan - cooking the bottom and carefully using a plate to flip it over and cook in pan longer. Or cook for a while in frying pan then transfer to other dish for oven time.
    Either way, I may make one this weekend, om nom nom.

  2. Sounds awesome, Bry! I wouldn't mind giving that a try :)

  3. Mel:
    This is pretty much remedial cooking school for me. ;)
    Using an ovenproof skillet would definitely have helped, but it turned out fine in the end anyway. But I should probably invest in one.
    Thanks for the tips - it was super tasty, so I think a second attempt will be in order.

    Come visit up north sometime and we'll make you one! :D