Monday, September 17, 2012


So it's been... a whole season since I last updated here. I am clearly a terrible blogger, but I've been fairly busy and haven't felt a need to update lately (regular comic updates and constantly spewing nonsense on Twitter have me pretty tapped out, Internet-wise). Summer managed to blast by even quicker than usual, but it was a pretty good one overall. And just for the hell of it, here are 25,000 words' worth of pictures that pretty well sum it up.

So hey, how was your summer? Did you accomplish all you wanted to? Mine kind of felt like a never-ending list that I couldn't quite get to the bottom of, but ultimately I'm pretty happy with it. At one point or another I got to see most of my friends who now live afar, I got out of town a few times, I enjoyed the sun, spent too much money on a bunch of awesome stuff, and managed to get a lot done personally, on the comic and at work. All said, it was a good one.

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