Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brysketch: Meryl Silverburgh

My friend Neil (who makes a webcomic called Ruby Nation) suggested yesterday that I draw a Metal Gear Solid character, and I got it immediately in my head to draw Meryl Silverburgh:

I tried something a bit different this time. Instead of inking directly overtop of photo-blue pencils like I usually do, I drew with a regular mechanical pencil, scanned that, coloured it cyan and lightened the lines up, then printed that out and inked overtop the printed version. The problem was I didn't have any high-quality paper that fit my printer, so I tried it on basic printer paper... which didn't really take the inks as well, making the job a bit sloppier than I intended. Fortunately I can just print the cyan pencils out on better paper and try again, but for now, here's what I've got!

If time permits, I might have something else on the weekend. (I almost forgot I have a comic to finish for Thursday!)


  1. Again, that's a superb sketch that perfectly captures the character (particularly the smart-aleck expression and the amazonian build). My only nitpick is that (and you'd have to be as obsessed with Metal Gear Solid as I am to know this) Meryl, nor anybody else within Metal Gear, dual-wields two guns at once. Hideo Kojima has gone on record to state his contempt for this trope, hence why almost every character uses one handgun at a time and holds it in both hands. Even Ocelot, whose whole shtick is his improbable aim, uses only one of his six-shooters at a time.

    But it's still a great piece!

    1. Thanks, man! Glad you liked it.

      And yeah, you're totally right about that. I'm not a "gun guy" by any stretch, but even I get that dual-wielding would of be hugely impractical, especially with a larger gun like the Desert Eagle. I wasn't really going for realism in that way - since I rarely ever draw guns or people holding them, my main reason for this pose was just for the sake of practice. ;)

  2. you did it! :D I feel slightly embarrassed

    last annoying note on anatomy: women's leg is longer cause of the femur bone.
    so if a man and a women standing in front of you, and the man is about 1 head - 1/2 head taller, you still see their hips at the same height.
    - anatomy end -

    1. Haha, don't be! I definitely put more time into this than the Power Girl one. Much happier with this one.