Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's Facts

FACT! Free coffee is at least 50% more delicious than non-free coffee.

FACT! Too much isolation can be a very, very bad thing. This is especially true when one doesn't get tons of natural light in their apartment.

FACT! I have far too many Big Plans, and far too few Big Things To Show For Them.

FACT! All of this was quite pointless, but at least I updated.

So then, friends... What's new? What's on your minds?


  1. ahahahaha! #3 is the best. I'm well, thank you. I'm also getting caught up on other blogs/flickrs/those-sorts-of-things in order to catch up with my friends. It's fun and eye-opening, but not as good as seeing the said friends in person. But at least it's keeping my current. Your flickr is next on my list.

  2. i am also often guilty of #3.
    but i've been getting better. made a list of things to accomplish by 2011. made them smallish and achievable. so i do them. ha ha